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Mayor Sarah Duterte NAGSALITA NA sa pagBUGBOG sa Sheriff! (After 9 Years!) ANG TOTOONG KWENTO!


Ayon sa Pangulong Duterte: I’ve been Mayor of Davao City for 23 years. I’ve been a Congressman and I was the Vice Mayor of my daughter.

Sabi ko nga kay Henry kung kilala mo si Inday, ‘yung nanuntok ng, pare-pareho nga itsura ng katawan ‘yung ganun, medyo… may laman. O ‘di kita mo ‘yung sheriff bugbog talaga.

Ito naman ang mga reaksyon ng ilang mga netizens:

Nasr Perspective
Madam Mayor Sara, I was in Davao City when that incident happened. And I saw and felt the painful experiences of the flashfood victims. My first reaction was admiring you because I feel you really care for your constituents and you don’t care about the consequences on your political career. And now, I prove that my reaction then, is correct because today that admiration grows to exponential proportions in the country and Filipinos abroad. Want another proof? Your name ranks on top of all presidentiables even you are not very visible in the media. Therefore, Madam Mayor, you should not take that incident with guilt but with lesson learned to move on and continue your good governance. I feel that incident is part of the divine intervention to save our country from the claws of the Communists and multi-faced politicians wherein your father performs his part with 91% trust rating to date and your part is to continue that commendable legacy comes 2022. Mabuhay ka Mayor Inday Sara, our elegantly beautiful and smart President. You made me proud as Mindanaoan. Thank you very muchShow less

Sarah Bautista She speaks from the heart

HUNDRED% PINOY Hnd nman mannuntok ang Tao kng wla nmang ginawang masama ang cherif syempre Meron Yan.. hnd Lang mapigilan ang sobrang galit ng Tao sa cherif na yon… Cge nga cnong Tao dto sa mundo ang hnd maggawang manakit Kung sumabog na sa galit at ubos na ang pasinsya sa taong paulit2 na binabastos ka ng harap-harapan cge nga cno yng Tao na yon…




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