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TV Host Jimmy Kimmel, tinawag na Sira Ulo at Mamamatay-tao si Tatay Digong


Every day we heard about biased media here in the Philippines, but it seems there are a lot of biased media in the United States too. It looks like US TV Host Jimmy Kimmel Disrespected Filipinos’ national custom like Barong Tagalog. It also showed that he hates Trump and this hatred went to the Philippine president.

In a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said, “here we come again, let’s be smart about comments To Philippine’s National Custom and a hardworking Philippine president like Rodrigo Duterte. Being a comedian does not mean that you always have an excuse to disrespect someone like Duterte.”

Jimmy Kimmel the host of a late night talk show on ABC, Jimmy Kimmel Live! is a known by many Americans as an anti-Trump. It seems he made jokes for everything and bashed president trump but called Barong Tagalog of the Filipinos as baptism dress because Trump wore it as he turned everything into a comedic stance.

In his show, Mr. Kimmel Called President Duterte “a lunatic, meurderer,” are you sure, Mr. Kimmel? Did you ever live in the Philippines to observe what’s happening in the country?

I don’t think Mr. Kimmel knows what he’s talking about. If he’s mad at Trump, their president, then, why does he need to disrespect the Philippine National Custom and our president? It looks like he was fed by some Philippine biased media. “Investigate first before commenting something in your show,” this one of the angry Filipinos’ comments on social media.




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