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How to Start a PisoNet Business


An Internet café business is one of the profitable venture that anyone can start. The target market is huge because both young and adults engage in Internet most of the time. This kind of business has been existing many years ago and establishing its own name in the industry.

Why start a Piso Net business?

Among other types of business, there are several good reasons why you should choose to start a Piso Net business.

  • There’s no need to hire additional manpower because an internet café business is easy to maintain even with just one person.
  • It is easy to set up as you can utilize any available space in your own home or backyard.
  • It provides good and fast return on investment within 4 months and it is not affected by economic recession.
  • It does not require huge amount of starting capital because you can choose the package that suits your budget.
  • It’s very easy to keep customers coming back to you as long as you’re giving quality service.

What is a Pisonet?

The nature of business of a Pisonet is similar to an internet café. The main difference is that in pisonet a 1-peso coin should be inserted in the machine to avail internet usage or play a game. Although, the typical customers are kids and the young ones, but adults also enjoy using a pisonet.

Starting capital of Pisonet business

The complete set of a pisonet machine ranges from Php18,000 to Php25,000. The computer is programmed to perform basic computer functions, online research, and online games.

When you buy a set of pisonet machine, it includes the following:

  • Desktop
  • Monitor
  • Mouse
  • Mousepad
  • Keyboard
  • Speaker or headset

 Return on Investment

As mentioned above, this type of business provides good return on investment. Try to consider the computation below.

1 peso = 4 minutes

If you’re operating the business for 10 hours daily, the computation of sales would be;

10 hours = 600 minutes

600 minutes / ( 4 minutes / 1 peso ) = Php150 per unit

If you have around 10 units, you can earn:

Php 150 x 10 = Php 1,500 per day,

Php 750 x 30 days = Php 45,000 per month

If the expenses for the Internet and electric bill is Php5,000, the net income every month is Php40,000.


Source: pinoybusinessideas




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