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‘Spirit of the Glass’ gets a sequel – Cristine Reyes leads star-studded cast of Ph cinema’s next horror flick


“Spirit of the Glass,” the blockbuster supernatural-thriller that took the country by storm during the 2004 Metro Manila Film Festival is back with a sequel billed “Spirit of the Glass 2: The Haunted.” It will be shown beginning November 1, a most auspicious play date for those who love this kind of film genre.

Much like the first installment, the Jose Javier Reyes-helmed production boasts of seamless story telling delivered in a heart-in-your-throat kind of excitement with a brand new cast of characters. Star-studded to be sure, Cristine Reyes heads the line-up along with Daniel Matsunaga, Enrico Cuenca, Benjamin Alves, Janine Gutierrez, Dominique Roque, Aaron Villaflor, with actress-TV host Ashley Ortega and Binibining Pilipinas-Universe 2016 Maxine Medina in an introductory role.

Behind the winning franchise is the same power team of OctoArts Films led by Orly Ilacad and director Joey Reyes.

The first Spirit of the Glass was topbilled by Dingdong Dantes, Rica Peralejo, Ciara Sotto, Jake Cuenca, Paolo Contis , Drew Arellano, Alessandra de Rossi and Marvin Agustin.

Of the sequel, Reyes says, “Yes, this is totally independent from the original story. However, it also employs the same tropes of the first Spirit. that is, the discovery of an ouija board and the carelessness of opening the gateway of the ‘other world’ into the domain of the living. The characters are different but there are echoes of the original in terms of story structure.”

The new movie tells the story of three friends – Bea (Cristine Reyes), a lifestyle editor; Lisette (Ashley Ortega), an up and coming young actress; and Chelsea (Maxine Medina), a popular model for mainstream and viral advertising – who all gain popularity through social media and known as the “Instaglams.” All young, beautiful and successful, they have no idea they would be ensnared in the complicated world of the supernatural because of an ouija board that Bea inherited from her grandaunt.

Together with their boyfriends, the three girls unwittingly opened the gates of the other world for three spirits to connect with them when they decided to play with the Ouija Board allowing disturbed souls to seek justice for a crime committed 50 years ago. And then, the haunting began.

Source: The Manila Times





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