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Read: Biography of the UP Student “Jo before she died with the NPA


Jo, as many friends call her, spent 6 years in UP-Manila. She entered the state university pursuing BA Development Studies degree. After a year, she shifted to BS Biochemistry because, according to her friends, she wanted to be a doctor.

She was an active youth leader in UP. In the academic year 2016-2017, Lapira served as the representative of the College of Arts and Sciences to the University Student Council.

Also having served as the deputy secretary general of Gabriela Youth in UP-Manila, Lapira’s favorite subjects outside of class were women’s issues and gender emancipation.
She could have been a good if not the best doctor in the country someday.
Started off as a womens rights activist.

See where they brought this poor soul. Leading her to perdition.
They fooled her into their false ideology..under the guise of fighting for women, the poor and injustice of society.
Only to commit terror acts against the very people they say they fight for.
An act they call Rebolusyon.

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Source: Inside Military Forum




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