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Pinagmulan ng gulo sa pagitan ng Gilas Pilipinas at Australia, pinaliwanag ni Coach Chot!


Pagkatapos ng kaliwa’t kanan batikos ng mga nitizens sa Gilas Pilipinas Team pagkatapos ng controversial na suntukan sa gitna ng laro sa pagitan ng Gilas Pilipinas at Australian players during the FIBA World Cup Asian Qualifiers on Monday, the Philippines team coach Vincent “Chot” Reyes came to light to defend his men.

During an interview with ESPN’s Sports Center Philippines program, Reyes gave the Filipino basketball fan a little glimpse of what happened between the players that lead to the biggest commotion that even transpired in a basketball league.

Panoorin ang video via  Fox Sports Basketball:

Ito naman ang mga larawan:

Reyes put the blame on Australian player Daniel Kickert who started bullying the Gilas players during the pregame warm-ups.

“Apparently some of our players crossed a bit over and you will see here there’s Matthew Wright getting pushed by Kickert from behind,” Reyes explained.

Based on the video shown by ESPN, it could be seen that Kickert shoved Gilas guard Matthew Wright during warm-up after the latter stepped over the half court line.

“They explained to me already that Calvin kind of tried to pacify or trip Kickert because he saw physically that Matthew Wright is pushed from behind and that was like the third incident because he did it to Carl Bryan Cruz, he did it to RR Pugoy just because he stepped a little over the half-court line on the warm-ups,” he narrated.

Reyes clarified that he also calmed down his men and instructed them to focus on the game instead of minding Kickert’s dirty playing tactics.

 “There are so many Australian players passing by and they didn’t mind it was okay, except for that one for Kickert. That was already the start and that’s where I told them forget it we restrain the players, kalimutan niyo na yon, keep your minds focused on the game and don’t even think about it,” he added.

Source: Pinaznitizen. PepPh, TV5





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