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Paula Defensor Knack: HARRY, MAG-APOLOGIZE KA NA AGAD. Hindi maganda.


Sa totoo lang, ang mga nasa abroad, umasa lang sa mga pro-Duterte bloggers for truthful news noong kampanya, especially as to head counts sa mga rallies ng various candidates.

Give naman credit to the pioneer pro-Duterte bloggers where it is due…..todo todo talaga overtime nila to bring timely reports to all PRRD fans worldwide AND they delivered. PRRD won landslide even in overseas voting.

At that time, I wasnt blogging for PRRD. it was only when destabilization came that I put my foot down as I was still Legal Adviser for the PH Embassy at The Hague and no country does such things to their head of state, only the yellows.

I had to ask PRRD bloggers to help me assess the situation because that is the duty of the lawyer so she can prepare arguments on all issues and anticipate the arguments of the other side. The PRRD bloggers helped me when I was still with the Embassy and they did so without any reward. One must appreciate them , REALLY and they are highly educated, unlike the bloggers of yellows.

But I will not curse because Spox Harry is a friend and I dont hit friends if they dont hit me, but I am very sad. I hope he APOLOGIZES AND doesnt ignore again the strong presence and vast influence of PRRD bloggers in this administration. They have raised blogging to a higher level and they bought their own equipment which is not cheap. One has to be blind not to see that !




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