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Panourin:’Transformation reveal’ ni Xander Ford trending worldwide


Umusok ang social media dahil sa episode ng “Rated K” nitong Linggo sa “transformation reveal” ni Marlou Arizala, na mas kilala na ngayon bilang si Xander Ford. Giit ni Ford, pisikal na anyo lamang ang nabago sa kaniya.

MANILA, Philippines — Count Marlou Arizala as one of those who does not believe in the old adage “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.”

The Hasht-5  member who first got noticed after viral lipsync “papogi” videos, and got his biggest break when he was asked to guests in “Gandang Gabi Vice,” got sick and tired of being called ugly when he was younger.

So he decided to undergo plastic surgery and morph into the handsome Xander Ford with the clear skin, aquiline nose and fuller cheeks

he transformation was so amazing, Marlou and Xander Ford became the number two trending topic worldwide.

Netizens are having a field day describing his transformation from that of a pinipig to a classy magnum ice cream. Up high in the list of most well-loved comments is how “words could affect a person either physically or mentally.”

Netizens who support Marlou say it’s just right for him to change his looks if it makes him happy. Another says that Marlou’s experience proves that poverty can make one look ugly.




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