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Paalam Isabel Granada ● A Simple Tribute


Around 2006, Granada underwent oophorectomy of her right ovary after a cyst had developed, she again had to undergo the operation in 2008 after two cysts had grown on her left ovary, which were accidentally discovered during a removal of a benign tumor in her uterus.

On October 25, 2017, Granada fell into a coma after experiencing six cardiac arrest while on a businesstrip to Qatar with her husband. She was rushed to the Heart Hospital of the Hamad Medical Corporation and was later transferred to Hamad General Hospital.

She was confirmed to have suffered from internal bleeding and aneurysm. And today November 4, 2017 is the last day of one of stars of the 90’s, Isabel you will never be forgotten.

Granada’s first marriage was with Jeric Genasky the one who confirmed the death of the actress by his facebook post, they have a son named Hubert Thomas Jericho Granada Aguas. She is currently married to Arnel Cowley and a stepmother to his daughters, Sarah and Abbey Cowley.
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