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New Clark City halos kasing laki ng Maynila, itinatayo ng Duterte Gov sa Tarlac


The New Clark City Food Terminal can be a venue to export Philippine goods. This could benefit local farmers who can sell their produce at higher prices, which will then increase their income.

The Clark International Airport’s architecture is influenced by the art and culture of Pampanga; as a nod to the famous lanterns of Pampanga, the patterns of the parol will be used as an inspiration for the airport rafters.

“Make it simple and attractive to move past and through a cultural area. Create connections for pedestrians and cyclists with high priority, wayfinding and good lighting conditions at night. Strengthen routes to citywide connections to become a part of everyday life.”

NewClarkCity is designed to have vast green spaces and perfect for walking around the city with your family or pets, or simply hanging out

NewClarkCity is a modern metropolis that is smart, green, and resilient. It has abundant open spaces such as parks, pedestrian lanes and exclusive bike lanes for the community.

 BCDA, Japan team up with Surbana Jurong Singapore for development of New Clark City

The state-owned Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) and the Japan Overseas Infrastructure Investment Corporation for Transport and Urban Development (JOIN) have partnered with Surbana Jurong of Singapore for the development of the New Clark City (formerly Clark Green City) project.

Surbana Jurong will help BCDA and JOIN prepare the detailed design standards and guidelines for New Clark City. This includes the refinement of the detailed urban and infrastructure design, serve as a financial and business advisor, review the development of the Public-Private Partnership framework for provision of utility services such as water and power, and make the framework for the long-term operation of New Clark City.

Surbana Jurong is focused on urban, industrial and infrastructure projects. It has grown to be one of the largest firms in Asia with over 120 offices in countries such as China, India, and Myanmar.

In building world-class legacy projects in Clark, BCDA and JOIN acknowledge the expertise of international firms such as Surbana Jurong, for the development of New Clark City—the 9,450 hectare city being envisioned to provide a more comfortable life for Filipinos.

New Clark City, a new metropolis that will rise in the Clark Special Economic Zone in the province of Tarlac, is designed to be the country’s first smart, green, disaster-resilient city, where nature, lifestyle, business, education, and industries converge, and will be at par with other modern cities in the world.

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