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Mr. Dayao ang taong nasa likod sa lahat ng paninira ng President Duterte para mapabagsak ang Gobyerno


After the number one anti-Duterte blog site SilentNoMore Ph published a malicious and derogatory article against seven members of the Senate, who allegedly refused to sign the Senate Resolution No. 516, Senator Vicente “Tito” Sotto III who is one of the senators lambasted in the article urge the Senate to work together to unmask those people behind the said blog.

In fact, Senator Sotto said that he is planning to file a cyber libel case to those people responsible for the article. Because of this, the self-confessed pro-Duterte blog, ThinkingPinoy did a thorough research to help the government pinpoint the mastermind behind SilentNoMore Ph.

In the recent blog post on thinkingpinoy.net entitled “#Cocoy Gate: Senator Sotto, here’s the guy you’re looking for”, they said they have done their own investigation to track down the possible masterminds of the anonymous blog. ThinkingPinoy digs out on the backroom end of the said blog site and discovered that a certain Cocoy Dayao was the one behind SilentNoMore Ph blog

via ThinkingPinoy.net

They explained that these blog sites are registered to Google AdSense which is a popular way to earn money using a website. This tool only allows a legitimate person to place and pay ads for a certain website. ThinkingPinoy found out that the website is registered to Dayao who is the editor-in-chief of ProPinoy.net, which is also an anti-Duterte blog site.

But what’s more interesting is that using the same Google source code as Dayao’s, ThinkingPinoy found out that he is not only managing and controlling SilentNoMore Ph’s blog but also other numerous blog sites which contents are focusing on criticizing the Duterte administration including ProPinoy.net and madamclaudiaako.com.

Below are the other anonymous blog sites which ThinkingPinoy have discovered under Dayo’s name:

To prove their claim, ThinkingPinoy has also attached a screen recording showing how they’ve extracted the Google source ID on the above-mentioned websites:

According to ThinkingPinoy, Dayao refers to himself as the Chief Technical Officer of a certain Lab Rats Technica Digital Consulting, an IT services firm based in Lipa City, Batangas.

ThinkingPinoy added that according to Dayao’s LinkedIn account, he was a Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) consultant from 2012 until former President Noynoy Aquino stepped down in June 2016.

via Cocoy Dayao Facebook account

ThinkingPinoy concluded its blog post by asking,
“Who know, this might actually the well-oiled, well-funded propaganda machinery that Maria Resa has been talking about?”

Could this Cocoy Dayao be the real “lapdog” of a more powerful personality aiming to destabilize the Duterte administration? Share us your thoughts in the comments section.





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