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Lodi Petmalu (Lodhi Petmalu) is real!


LODI PETMALU – People were amazed upon knowing that “Lodhi Petmalu” is real and has finally been found as he is actually a real person.

According to a previous report, Pinoys are really fond of creating ideas and are also a trendsetter for the sake of their entertainment and for the others as well.

And lately, one of the trends are the Pinoy colloquial terms which are spoken in reverse.

But the terms spoke in reverse is not new already.

Tracing back into the history of the Philippines, the national hero Gregorio Del Pilar reversed his name as his pen name.

His surname Del Pilar was put in reverse as his pen name “Plaridel”.

This unique style is accordingly called “Baliktad Tagalog” which has started during the ’70s until the ’90s and it was the culture of the “Hippie” who first introduced it.

Other Pinoy terms and words being spoken in reverse which became famous and was used until today are Bogchi Hokbu or Chibog Buhok of the Eraserheads, Nosi Balasi or Sino Ba Sila of Sampaguita, and the song Laki sa Layaw of Mike Hanopol featuring Jeprox or Projects.

Based on the report, it is just accordingly an indication that the Filipino language is still alive and is widely used despite the influences of the foreign culture.

And two of the most used terms nowadays are Lodi and Petmalu.

Lodi is the reverse of the word “idol” and petmalu is “malupet”.

And unexpectedly, someone from the other country has a name which is actually very similar to the above-stated words.

Obtained from the Instagram account of DJ Chacha is an identification card of someone named “LODHI PETMALU” and he is a Pakistani.

This information has amazed a lot of people from the people of the social media community.




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