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List of Top OFW Business Ideas


Some have decided to work abroad in order to gain their professional experience in another country, and also to travel.A lot of our Filipino people have decided to become Overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs, and this decision came with a number of reasons.

They primarily want to earn better salary abroad because they want to give their families a much better life. Some have decided to work abroad in order to gain their professional experience in another country, and also to travel.Aside from the money they send here to their families, many of them consider putting up a business so that by the time they decide to come home, they will never run out of a good source of income.

If you are an OFW or have a family member who is working abroad and you want to have your own start-up business, here are some business ideas you may want to consider.

1. Food business. Food business is one of the most common yet flourishing businesses in the country or even anywhere in the world. The food industry will never die down because people will always have to eat no matter what. Another idea you can explore is the selling of Filipino delicacies abroad, especially if you are working in a country where the population of Filipino people is large.

2. E-commerce business. This is something that is already very popular nowadays because everyone practically has internet at home and people can go online even with just their mobile devices. All you have to do is to think about the product that you want to sell online. The only challenge when it comes to eCommerce business is the fact that the competition is tough since the number of this type of business continues to grow. It is now a matter of how you can make your business stand out.

3. Convenient or sari-sari store. A convenient or sari-sari store never gets out of fashion when it comes to local Filipino business. No matter how many sari-sari stores there are in every community, it seems like we are never running out of customers. Well, that is because people always need to purchase basic commodities, and if you have a capital just enough to start one, this is one business idea you can also try.

4. Water refilling station. Water refilling station can also be a good business, especially if you have saved enough for the capital. Purified and clean water has now become a priority and necessity in almost every home and family in the country and there’s no doubt that this kind of business has a good future in the market.

Source: DOLE, POEA




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