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Huwag Lumulon ng Buto ng Santol Posible Magbara sa Bituka


Payo ni Doc Willie Ong

1. Sa Pilipinas at Thailand, marami nang kaso ng pagbabara ng buto ng santol sa bituka. Ito ay naging adbokasya ng mga Surgeons sa Ospital ng Maynila, kung saan maraming kaso silang nao-operahan dahil sa buto ng santol.
2. Mas madalas mangyari ito sa edad 30 pataas, at mas maraming buto na nilulon.
3. Kung makalulon ng buto ng santol, bantayan ang pagsakit ng tiyan sa may ibaba. Magpatingin agad sa doktor at sabihin na nakalulon ka ng buto ng santol.

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Readers beware! From May until August, market stands are packed with a delicious yellow-orange fruit Filipinos love to eat. Just thinking of a ripe, soft and juicy santol fruit can make our mouths water. Imagine it. It’s so good… even good enough to swallow. Gulp.

Now, what happens? If you swallowed a santol seed, the first crucial information is whether it’s the local or the Bangkok santol variety. If it’s from Bangkok, then the trip along your gut would be more exciting. You see, Bangkok seeds are much bigger, about 3 centimeters in length with sharper pointed edges. If you’re lucky, the fleshy seed will pass down your pharynx, then the esophagus and reach the stomach. In the gut, it will incubate for about 3 hours as the outer fibrous covering is digested and stripped away.
From here on, it’s a matter of luck. Having a bare santol seed in your gut is like carrying a bare knife in your pocket that can cut through your trousers anytime. Once ejected by the stomach, the sharper and deadlier seed or seeds now travel through the narrower and lengthy portions of your small intestines and then the large bowels.

If you’re young and healthy, those seeds may pass through without harm. But if you’re older and have some form of abnormality in your intestines, then it could easily get stuck, leading to an obstruction. The sharp edges may even perforate your bowels leading to infection and death.

In the Philippines, it is estimated that 200 cases of surgical emergencies from swallowed santol seeds are seen yearly at our hospitals. Dr. Reynaldo O. Joson, chair of the Department of Surgery at Ospital ng Maynila, has been educating the public on the dangers of santol seeds.

What about other seeds? Is it safe to swallow tomato seeds or guava seeds? It’s much smaller, but can they lead to appendicitis instead? According to Dr. Joson, there are not enough data to say that such seeds cause appendicitis, injury or death. Tomato and guava seeds are very small, without sharp ends, and are therefore practically harmless.

So if you and your co-workers are binging on a hearty meal of mouth-watering santol, tell them that it’s alright to eat the fruit. You can even treat it like a candy and extract as much juice as you can. But please, don’t swallow the killer seeds. It might be your last.

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