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Huli ng asawang babae sa motel ang pangangalunya ng kanyang asawa kasama ang kanyang “pretty real estate agent”


A wife caught her cheating husband in a motel in Pampanga on Thursday.

The video of the confrontation was recorded and uploaded on social media by Karen Dizon, the sister of the cheated wife.

In the first part of the video, (which deleted now by the original uploader) the members of the Dizon family followed the alleged cheating husband and they discovered that the man is going to meet a girl in the said motel.

The second part of the video which reuploaded by many social media fan pages can be compared in a police raid. The members of the Dizon family quickly ran to the place where the man parked his car to caught him in the act.

Fortunately, the angry wife and the members of her family quickly caught the man together with the girl that he introduced as his “agent” before they enter the motel.

According to the man, they are just going to transact with his agent inside the hotel, however his wife didn’t believed the alibi of his husband and quickly released her anger towards the girl who allegedly trying to steal her husband.

Her husband tried to calm her, however the broken hearted and angry wife didn’t stop herself to assault the girl and their relatives including the original uploader of the video cheered her sister while attacking the ‘agent’.

“Maninira ka ng pamilya!” The video uploader said in the video.

The guards and staffs of the motel restrained the angry wife from attacking the girl.

Karen Dizon’s video went viral on the internet and as of writing, it already reached more than a million views from the netizens.

The video received mixed reactions from the netizens, some said that the man and his alleged mistress deserved to be physically assaulted, while others criticized the aggressive behavior of the wife.

Source: Dutertelegacy.com




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