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How To Stay Younger by Dr. Willie T. Ong


Getting older — without being doomed to wrinkle-dom and jiggly thighs — does not require a high-priced trainer and a bucket o’ Botox. We swear it. We know it. We asked top researchers to share their stay-young secrets for winding back time naturally. Their advice will help you stay young and have you looking and feeling everyday fabulous, by doing everyday smart things: exercise, eat healthy, de-stress — not so hard, right? Try it today.

1. Eat breakfast daily.
2. Take tomato sauce and green tea.
3. Eat more vegetables and fruits
4. Everything in moderation.
5. Be in love.
6. Laugh.
7. Have good friends.
8. Have safe sex more often.
9. Take safety precautions.
10. Sleep 7 to 8 hours a day.

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