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Emotional Speech of Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte regarding of his resignation


Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte tendered his resignation as vice mayor of the city during the City Council’s special session Monday, December 25.

In a short but emotional speech, Vice Mayor Duterte said his decision to resign was due to the numerous issues thrown against him and his family.

The vice mayor cited the issue on the Bureau of Customs as one, and the very public spat he had recently with his daughter from his first wife.

Isabelle Duterte and the vice mayor recently had a very public quarrel after the father berated his daughter in his official Facebook page after Isabelle accused him of hurting somebody.

After declaring his resignation, Vice Mayor Duterte readily left the session hall with his sister, Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio rushing after him.

The siblings later met at the office of the vice mayor and had a close-door meeting.

For her part, Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio said that she would support whatever decision her brother makes.

She said that based on the law of succession, Councilor Bernard Al-ag will now assume the vice mayoral post while all of Vice Mayor Duterte’s staff will be transferred to the Office of the City Mayor.

Before his resignation, Vice Mayor Duterte presided the special session of the City Council that approved the resolution declaring a state of calamity in the city due to Tropical Storm Vinta.

About 18,600 families were affected by the flooding due to the tropical storm.

At the same session, the City Council also approved the resolution allowing the city mayor to utilize the remaining balance of the city’s calamity fund amounting to P83.4 million to provide assistance to the victims of calamity in the city.




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