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Davao City Council Declares Senator Trillanes ‘Persona Non-Grata’


Senator Antonio Trillanes has always been vocal about his hate for the President and everything that is connected to Duterte.

In the past, he never laid off, he never shied away from his retorts even if what he was saying is way below the belt.

This time though, it seems that he has crossed the line.

In a privilege speech of Davao City Vice Mayor Bernard Al-ag this February 13, 2018, he detailed how he was offended by what Trillanes said about Davao, and therefore is moving to have the senator declared as persona-non-grata in Davao.

The most dangerous city

It started with Trillanes’ statement where he said that Davao is the most dangerous city and is number 1 in murder.

“Davao City is number 1 in murder, number 2 in rape and Davao City is the most dangerous city in the Philippines.”

Fake news

Vice Mayor Al-ag took offense and said that the Trillanes’ statement is not true and therefore is fake news.

According to the vice mayor, the basis of the statement of the senator is the report/statistic of the Philippine National Police (PNP). But then he asked why have the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) awarded Davao with a Seal of Good Local Governance from 2011 to 2015, which was even signed by Mar Roxas. He also told how Davao received P5M cash for the reward.

Davao’s challenge

The vice mayor then challenged the Filipinos in Chicago who attended the forum of Trillanes to visit Davao. To try walking their streets, riding their public transport. And when they feel that they are in danger and if they feel that Trillanes’ statement is true, then the vice mayor himself will refund all their travel expenses. That is how confident he is about Davao.

Goodbye Trillanes

In the end, Vice Mayor Al-ag said that the one who is dangerous is Trillanes. For everything that goes out of his mouth is intended to ruin lives. He impedes the ability of every Filipino to love his country.

Therefore, Davao moves to declare Mr. Antonio Trillanes IV, Senator of the Republic of the Philippines, as a “Persona Non-Grata in the City of Davao.

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Source: Davaon City Vice Mayor Bernard Al-ag




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