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Celebrities That Are Known for Being 3Ms; Maarte, Mataray at Masungit


Marian Rivera


There are rumors that Marian is a boyfriend grabber as she grab Dingdong to Karylle. Most bashers also seen her as mataray, maarte, and masungit. Also, some said that she is disrespectful especially to people lower than her social position like makeup artists, stylist, staff and others. Well, when asked about it, Marian always defense that is only blunt to people whenever she thinks people deserves it.

Sharon Cuneta


Sharon always portray a soft-hearted person whenever she appears on TV as host. However, it said that she is mataray, masungit, and plastic by the people she had worked with. Many people point out that she is plastic especially on air, it is because when the camera rolls, she seems okay, but during breaks, well, she’s not. Until now, Ate Shawie has no answer to these comments.

Kris Aquino


Kris was probably one of the most bashed artist in the Philippine showbizness. Well, it is because she always appear as taklesa and maarte especially to talk shows she had. Her defense on this, she said that it is best to be straightforward and real rather that to be pretentious.

Willie Revillame


Yes Willie may not seem to be maarte type, however he is perceived to be mataray, manyak and a power tripper. These lead to viewers that turned into bashers to dislike him. There are no comments from Willie regarding this issue.

Angel Locsin


Despite of the numerous positive comments about Angel, there are some who still say that she is maarte and masungit. There are also rumors that this is the reason why no man can stand her. However, Angel has nothing to say about this, but keeps on saying that she’s just doing her work.

Annabelle Rama

Stariray Magazine

As a mother to a very popular artists of today, Annabelle is perceived to be very maarte mom. It is also noticeable that even in the roles that she portrayed as an actress, she is definitely a natural maarte woman. Her defense regarding this? She said she’s just being true to herself, which is just the way she is.

Joey De Leon


Surprisingly, Joey made it to this list also. A popular and accomplished comedian nowadays, yet still have bashers to bring him down. He is said to be maarte during sets.




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